Stephen Thornton has over 40 years experience in the flat roofing industry, including 30+ years in consultancy and roof leak detection and prevention. Whilst the specialism is in flat roofs, the service also extends to structural waterproofing, as well as commercial and industrial roofing. We also advise on how to extend the life of your roof and how to maintain it cost-effectively.

We have no ties to contractors, manufacturers or suppliers, so are able to give truly independent, friendly advice, with absolutely no pressure to appoint us! We obtain most of our business through referrals from satisfied clients and like to think we “sell” our services by demonstrating our depth of knowledge of roofing and ability to explain in layman’s terms.

Typical of services we provide are:

  • surveys
  • technical audits and lifetime assessment
  • Infra-red thermography
  • core sampling and analysis of build-up
  • maintenance recommendations
  • remedial specifications (eg repairs)
  • re-roofing specifications
  • technical supervision of repairs or refurbishment

Expert Witness

We are happy to work for either side in a litigation or arbitration case, provided we are satisfied there is a case worth building.  If not, we will advise against it, as we would rather our clients didn’t throw good money after bad.  Please feel free to call us for preliminary,  confidential, advice, without obligation on 01444 811817